Friday, July 4, 2014

So much for the Corn-ucopia

Ethanol production causes Pollution.  Ethanol Burning increases toxic Ozone.  

Ethanol is mostly produced from Corn, which the taxpayer subsidizes.  
Let's power cars with booze.  What a great idea! After all, it works so well in human trials.

Here's an idea - Environmentalists Anonymous, 12 step program.
First step - Slap upside the head to wake up from stupidity.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Apollo Astronaut - Climate Alarmism - "the biggest fraud in the field of science":

Aside from the words "Climate change" being a fraudulent renaming of the debunked "global warming" scam, the entire warming scare is based on a hypothesis - mere conjecture - that man is contributing to warming.  The hypothesis has not even been proven enough to rise to the level of a theory.
It also requires an unrealistic fairy tale - that man can control the weather - to be true.  Wishful thinking is the real danger.

It is merely a scheme of the alarmists to gain Political Control and money, which unfortunately it has succeeded in doing through Propaganda.   Scientific Realists are called Skeptics or climate deniers.  Surveys are presented as "proof".  The UN recycles the same bad data to produce a "new" report every year, for the media, that "supports" the myth.
Political parties are using the myth to gain funding and power from their constituents.  Even Common Core federal standards requires teaching this myth to our children.

The supposed 97% consensus of Scientists to the "fact" of Global Warming or man contributing to Climate Change, is nonsensical.  Only a selection of "scientists" were surveyed and Scientists have never been given an anonymous survey, with no Political consequences to their jobs.
Not to mention that a survey of opinions is not scientific proof, in the first place. Just propaganda.  

As Apollo astronaut Cunningham  states the level of 400 parts per million of Carbon Dioxide , which the alarmists warn is dangerous, is ridiculous in the light that real science considered 4,000 ppm the level where an alarm was raised on spacecraft and in submarines, levels of Co2 can reach 8000 ppm before alarms sound.

"If you go back and you look at the data that has been well-documented over the years, you can look and see, for example, that right now both carbon dioxide and temperature are simultaneously at one of the lowest levels in at least the last 600-800 million years. The last time they were both together at this low a level, more or less, was 300 million years ago, and if you go back go back about 500-600 million years ago, carbon dioxide was 15 times higher than what it is now. So, what I'm getting at is this, the history shows you that most of this is just plain nonsensical today."

"I can only tell you that, even back in the days of Apollo, we didn't have to face this kind of nonsense," Cunningham concludes.