Friday, August 29, 2014

Obama is the Messiah!

Obama is in deed the Messiah... just not the Christian or Jewish one.

For all intents and purposes, He is the Islamic Messiah.
His last name (Ab Umma - as Qaddafi pronounced it) translates from Arabic as "The father of the Islamic Dominion"   

Obama and his political party, crushed the economy and spirit of the great Satan, (the United States) and created the conditions for the greatest Islamic takeover of the 21st Century.  Like Bush before him, he took out dictators that kept Islam in check.    

Unlike Bush, Obama did not stay in Afghanistan and Iraq to protect evil western Democracy.  He pulled those vile, infidel, trespassing, Crusaders and sons of monkeys and apes, that make up their soldiers, and allowed the glorious Islamic State to be created.   

ISIS rolled more heads than tootsie did.   More heads than at Lehman Brothers in the crash of '08.  
So much blood was spilled we might call it a Red Crescent blood drive.    

Yes indeed just as the media has been telling us about every speech and action of Obama's, this is Historic. 

And , ha ha on you infidels, the world is still saying, Allah who?
All Hail the Messiah Mahdi Obama.