Thursday, February 25, 2016

Obama's Big Ears hear nothing but Islam.

Once again the President of the USA, the OBominator, responsible for the mass murders of ISIS which he created by withdrawing troops and forbidding our soldiers from pre-emptive engagement of the enemy, and the takeover of Libya by Islamic terrorists when Obama invaded for no reason and deposed our Ally Quadafi (A worse mistake than Bush deposing Saddam Hussein) ,

The ObooBoo, whom the ignorant were tricked into electing once and extorted to elect twice.

The Ab Uma, father of the Islamic Domination , Muslim Raised and Communist Finished Obama praises his misogynistic support of a women's RIGHT to wear a Hijab, the symbol of Women's oppression under the monstrous Political plan to dominate the world, called Islam.

Makes another speech brown nosing fundamental Islam -  Submit or die for men.  No choice for women.  Rape and submit, brutal beatings, genital mutilation and enslavement for them.

The sound of this so beautiful to the first US president whose color skin matched the color of his heart.

Sorry Toronto Sun, Obama will never listen.  

Monday, February 8, 2016

Even a Wolf in Wolf's Clothing is just a Sheep to Obama and his ilk.

ISIS Giving the Finger to non-Muslims.
Is Obama clueless about his actions opening the opportunity for creation of the Islamic Jihadist Caliphate?
Is he feckless and oblivious to what he has done by removing our Military from Iraq and invading Libya?
Does he not get that his rules of engagement e.g. no carrying guns on bases in the US, no preemptive strikes and other such insane liberal leftist ideas means that Islamic terrorists are free to engage our troops but our troops can not engage them?  Does he not understand the concept of "Sitting Duck"?

Or is he a sympathizer or even collaborator with Islamic Jihad due to his Muslim upbringing?

History will tell us perhaps.  What is fact is that, according to the United nations, ISIS has spread to 34 countries .