Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bureau of Land Management is the serial killer trying to Strangle this Bundy

The real reason for the BLM attempt to take the land from the Bundy's is to use the land for Solar Energy.

Here is the BLM map of the Zones the BLM have designated for Solar Projects.
The Blue areas are available for Solar development
Notice the big blue area encompassing the Bundy grazing area at the top right near Mesquite.

The Area Closed by BLM (Red lines) is the same area in Blue above.

and the Bundy Ranch

"Any cancellations, in whole or in part, of grazing permits/leases (see 43 CFR 4110.4-2(b) (2005)) are more likely to occur with solar energy development right-of-way (ROW) authorizations due to their intensive land use requirements"

Public Service: Let’s get firmly fixed in our minds at the outset that we are public servants, employed by the public and paid by the public from funds provided by taxation in some form. We are responsible to the entire public and are not bureaucratic bosses to work our will upon the public as we see fit. Taylor Grazing Act, 1934

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