Tuesday, April 29, 2014

John Kerry and Jimmy Carter come together on separation.

Just like the southern hick Anti-Semitic, Jew and Israel hating peanut famer and former US President Jimmy Carter, John Kerry reveals his prejudice against Israel by accusation that Israel is heading to apartheid. 

Separation in Israel is not created by the government and is not a policy of the government as it was in south Africa.   There is nothing based on race as it was in South Africa.  Blacks, Hispanic, Asian, European, Arab and all other races; Muslim, Christian and Jewish live and work together in Israel.
Fences came up because of terrorism.  All along, and still today, Israel supports the Palestinian Arabs in Judea Samaria and Gaza with food, electricity and other infrastructure.    Apartheid is propaganda.   The reality is that the terrorism which prompted the defensive fences and cost the so-called Palestinians their jobs in Israel is supported and even created by US meddling and the Billions of dollars the EU and the USA send, with no restriction against human rights violations, that keep the Terrorists governments of Fatah and Hamas in power and ruling over the Palestinian Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

The USA has only caused trouble in the Middle East with their meddling. 
Just as they cause trouble by meddling inside the US.  Politicians are the cream of the crap in the current US system of corrupt Political party rule. The people in the USA and the people of Israel (yes Judea, Samaria and Gaza are in Israel.  "Occupation" is another myth) were much better off without the US government "Help".


From the article:
A better system was the one that both sides had before the U.S. Administration intervened with its pipe-dreams. Both were working on day-to-day security and economic issues. That is where SodaStream came from. The Israeli leadership figured that if the next generation of Palestinians had a stake in the system, they would negotiate more seriously. The Palestinian leadership figured that if people were eating, they would not overthrow Abbas. It was working until the U.S. demanded an end to the "conflict".

Despite Palestinian corruption, abuse and support for terrorism, Israel has been unwilling to see Palestinian institutions collapse. While the Palestinians are nominally responsible for social services, Israel has ensured that there is no widespread hunger, disease, or power outages. The examples are legion – at the height of the so-called "second intifada," when Palestinians were blowing up buses in the middle of cities and shooting civilians, Israel continued to coordinate food aid through a variety of NGOs. In 2012, to help the PA solve its financial crisis, Israel sought $1 billion in loans from the International Monetary Fund, intending to transfer the money to the PA. The IMF rejected the proposal because it feared setting a precedent of making IMF money available to non-state entities even through a state sponsor. Israel has also taken up much of the slack in supporting Hamas with gasoline and electricity since Egypt has been bombing and closing the Sinai tunnels. Israeli medical care has always been available to Palestinians.

Israel evidently believes a) it has a humanitarian obligation regarding Palestinian civilians; b) that should the institutions collapse, so will foreign aid to the Palestinians, leaving Israel with the entire bill for Palestinian social services; and c) at some point, there should be peace with the Palestinians, who will need a capable government to ensure the terms of whatever agreement is reached.

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